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Livestock supplies to keep your livestock healthy

Livestock health is essential to support the agricultural sectors' ability to export.

The livestock industry is constantly fighting outbreaks such as foot and mouth disease, a contagious viral infection that affects cloven hoofed animals. African horse sickness has a devastating impact on the horse industry. An outbreak of avian influenza recently resulted in the termination of ostrich exports. Redwater is one of the most serious cattle diseases in southern Africa transmitted by infected blue ticks. These ticks occur in the higher rainfall regions of the country, such as the Western and Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga.

Every year, such epidemics cost the industry millions of rands in lost revenue and production, affecting the livelihoods of both commercial and small scale farmers.

Regular vaccinations and dipping are essential to fight insect borne diseases and ensure you keep your livestock healthy. Lion Bridge supplies a range of livestock health remedies suitable for South African conditions. Contact us today !

Livestock health by season
  • Spring: Vaccinate before rainy season for insect borne diseases
  • Summer: Dip regularly to counter insect borne diseases
  • Autumn: Pre-winter dip to clear redwater. Multi minerals and vitamins
  • Winter: Supply mineral licks and deficiency additives to supplement feed

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Featured Vaccines

Onderstepoort Biological Products (OBP) range of quality vaccines.
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Featured Antibiotics

Antibiotics for livestock
Range of tetracycline and sulpha antibiotics
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Featured Ectoparasitics

Dips and pour ons
Range of ectoparasitic dips and pour-ons
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Featured Endoparasitics

Macrocyclic lactones and antiparasitic remedies
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